The easiest way to give and get feedback on content

Customizable reaction buttons activate your visitors to give you feedback on each piece of content.

Reaction buttons make it fun and satisfying for your visitors to give you feedback on your content. Empower your audience to influence the content of your site – one click at the time.

Clicking reactions takes a fraction of the time of commenting and it’s anonymous. It is so intuitive that our customers see up to 30X more reactions than comments.

Use familiar Facebook-style, presets or fully customizable ones. Reaction buttons adapt to your individual needs.

Enjoy hassle-free installation to any website with embed code, Google Tag Manager, or Wordpress plugin. Buttons run light, so they are not slowing your site down.

To prevent spam, buttons can be pushed only once per device.

We help thousands of news sites and content marketers worldwide to get feedback, measure content engagement, and increase social media shares.

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